The Spring Festival to promote 3 d television sales accounted for 45%
Recently, the author understands from the market, 3 d TV after two years of comprehensive promotion, has been fully recognized by consumers. According to sales, according to data from foshan suning appliance 3 d TV sales rate has exceeded 45% of television, king pin type price is in 5500 yuan, with obvious price advantage, domestic brands become the main force.
3 d function mature cost reduction
Understands from suning appliance sales center, before the Spring Festival so far, 3 d TV acting as a leading TV sales, sales ratio has reached more than 45%, the penetration rate is very high, compared with about twenty percent over the same period last year has a lot of ascension. Because of great price advantage, domestic brands to become the main force of 3 d popularization.
Suning appliance said relevant controller introduces, although large home appliance sales during the Spring Festival is not the biggest, but 3 d TV of the color TV is, it also suggests that consumer recognition and improved in 3 d function, don't think this is already a redundant functions.
In charge of TCL company foshan Liang Qingtai told reporters that in TCL products, 32 inches above are 3 d LED LCD TV function, accounts for more than half of the entire product structure, because of the cost of the LCD TV to add 3 d function decline, 3 d TV only about 300-1000 yuan more expensive than the same level products, consumers are easier to accept.
Skyworth TV Wang Yuwen about chief, told reporters in skyworth TV products, 90% of the products have the function of 3 d, 3 d TV foshan area the brand's sales account for 80% of all products, sales reached more than 60%, in the consumer penetration rate is very high.
3 d titles or is no longer a bottleneck
For 3 d TV, 3 d content source has been the factors restricting the development of products. Wang Yuwen says, skyworth TV through independent development of cool open net free to provide customers with 3 d sources, the cool open net has loaded the thousands of film, video and other information are available at any time.
TCL has said that at present the brand TV function of 2 d to 3 d effect has been compared with the past, even if you don't get 3 d content, users can still take the next best way to watch 3 d TV, which fundamentally reversed the disadvantage of 3 d TV.