Storage and handling of polaroid matters needing attention
That should be noticed in a, polaroid storage at 4 o 'clock.
1, polaroid should be done in the temperature of the room temperature (room temperature) storage.
2, polaroid should be stored under the environment of the humidity is less than 75.
3, polaroid shading should be stored.
4, piled up to three hundred pieces of polaroid should not need to separate the isolation support piles.
Second, the polarization at four o 'clock in handling need to be aware of.
1, polaroid in should be placed in the handling of the top.
2, the height of the polaroid don't allow more than polaroid allow stacking height
3, handling polarizing films should be like the first point of using polaroid, polaroid need light with light.
4, polaroid polaroid when handling can't stand, more can't touch.